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You do. You have 100% of the rights to it.

Ghostwriters and clients collaborate in a variety of ways. We frequently change our routine to accommodate the needs of each customer. In most cases, the client provides the ghostwriter with extensive notes (handwritten, typed, or recorded) that the ghostwriter utilizes to create the required content. You provide the material, and we provide the form.

We're always delighted to make the process grounded, transparent, and understandable for our clients who have never done anything like this before. Furthermore, writing projects can be emotionally draining, and we value your comfort above all else.

No, not at all. Editing and proofreading are two independent steps of the revision process, despite the fact that many individuals use the terminology interchangeably. Both require close reading, but they concentrate on distinct aspects of the writing and use different strategies.

We'll use the Track Changes tool in MS Word documents and the delete, insert, and comment features in Adobe Acrobat for PDFs. We'll utilize Adobe Acrobat mark-up features to convert the slides to a PDF using MS PowerPoint.

Yes, you may be confident that your documents are completely confidential; no one else has access to our portal and system or files, and the content of your documents will not be shared with anybody. In addition, our files are secured by anti-virus and anti-malware software that is updated regularly.

Our editors come from various academic fields, and they all have the utmost levels of knowledge. We require that all of our editors have a minimum of a Master's or PhD from a reputable university and substantial proofreading experience.
We'll assign your work to an editor with suitable experience and background in your subject. The editing manager will review your manuscript and assign it to the editor best suited to your needs.

Yes, if you have specific requests, feel free to email us with your order number, and we will consider them and send them to the concerned department.

Yes, it is ethical. Your ghostwriter is merely assisting you in expressing yourself straightforwardly and interestingly. The ideas are entirely yours; all a ghostwriter does is assist you in getting them down on paper.

In all primary genres, we publish both fiction and nonfiction work. We strive to provide the best books to our customers, and we work hard to provide our authors with the resources they need to create exceptional publications.

In all primary genres, we publish both fiction and nonfiction work. We strive to provide the best books to our customers, and we work hard to provide our authors with the resources they need to create exceptional publications.

You can fill out the form on our contact us page and send us your manuscript for review.
Your typed text must be emailed to us in digital format. Microsoft Word files in the.doc or.docx format are preferred. PDFs are also accepted. If your manuscript was written by hand, you should have it typed into a computer word processor

We give words to your thoughts!

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